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2019 Brecon True Acacia Head Albarino

Central Coast

Underlyingly this is an unashamedly grapefruity Central Coast Albariño. Amazingly refreshing and seafood/salad friendly. We have ‘pimped your ride’ so to speak by fermenting in Acacia, adding a little structure/richness in the mid palate and all without those sometimes pesky toasty or vanilla influences associated with traditional Oak Barrels. Acacia Head barrels are actually said to bring elegant white peach and nectarine fruit nuances to the aromatics.

Production notes

Robinia Pseudoacacia (European Acacia or Black Locust) has been used in France for many generations on varietals such as Viognier or Sauvignon Blanc. In 2015 Brecon saw a natural affinity between these varietals and our cool coastal Albariño’s. What actually started as a winemaker's simple curiosity (a couple of Acacia Head barrels locked up under the stairs, à la Harry Potter) morphed into this exciting new wine style. P.S. It’s actually a false Acacia originating in South Eastern USA.

Varietal Composition100% Edna Valley 2019

AppellationCentral Coast
AgingDrink Now-2025
Residual Sugar.07g/100ml
Volume750 ml
Bottling Date04/23/2020
Cases Produced292

We are so lucky to have our grubby mitts on a visionary planting that is now the oldest planting of Albariño in the Central Coast. It contains three different clones planted on super dark volcanic soils. Just one particular clone in 2019 showed potential to produce our richer style Albariño. In fact, we added just a pinch of Albariño from the iconic Paragon Vineyard to tone back this richness. Analytically the acids can be just as bright as European versions but the mouthfeel complements the acidity and somehow softens its perception.

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2019 Brecon True Acacia Head Albarino
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